About Al Rawdah Marriage

The goal of Alrawdah-mariage is to facilitate the process for Muslim Canadians who are seeking marriage according to Islamic values.

The service is offered at Al-Rawdah mosque in Montreal since 2006. It has had good success and a positive feedback and reputation among the community. To improve this service and to make it accessible to more of our brothers and sisters, the mosque’s administration has launched this website according to Islamic values and in compliance with the holy Coran and Sunna of our Prophet (PBUH). This is a non-profit service so the funds collected will be used entirely to run and develop the site.

Members of our community and especially those in marriage age often have difficulty finding their life-partner.

Furthermore, many of our sisters are not comfortable going in person to local mosques to use the limited matrimonial services that exist.

It is in this context that we offer this site to give a safe and secure platform to our brothers and sisters in search of the right life partner.

Alrawdah-mariage is unique in that:

·   This platform does not allow for direct contact between the two parties who can only communicate through the site administrator.

·   We respect the privacy of our members.

·   We require one reference to validate the information provided by each member.

·   The marriage certificate can be done at the mosque.

·   We offer reception hall for marriage celebrations at an affordable price for our members.

Our mission is to help our brothers and sisters establish happy families. Our goal is to assist those seeking marriage to find their perfect match while respecting our Islamic values.

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