How it works

Al Rawdah Marriage service allows members to anonymously view profiles, send, and receive requests for in-person meetings.

Registration and Membership (video)

  1. All applicants must register and apply to become a member. Applicants must provide their personal information, complete a questionnaire, and pay the membership fee.
  2. After registration, Al Rawdah Marriage reviews the questionnaire and validates the registration form by contacting the applicant and their references.
  3. If the registration is accepted, an email will be sent to inform the applicant of their membership.
  4. In regards to the profile picture, you have 2 choices
    • You upload your picture and you accept its publication to all members of the opposite sex
    • You upload your picture and you authorize its publication only when making a request to a member or accepting the request of a Member
  5. A member may voluntarily end their membership at any time.
  6. No members have access to information that can identify other members. We carefully protect this information and will never disclose it.
  7. The site is well protected against any kind of intrusion. Therefore, you must protect your site access username and password.


Viewing and Meeting Other Members (video)


  1. All profiles on the site are displayed anonymously for members to view.
  2. Members are able to send and receive meeting requests.
  3. If the meeting request is accepted, neither member will be able to send or receive other requests. Al Rawdah Marriage will organize a meeting between the parties and their accounts will be on hold until a decision is made.
  4. If the parties decide not to continue, they must inform Al Rawdah Marriage for their account to be reinstated.